Speedy NEWS

Speedy Group’s financial results are in!

Haven’t been in the office in 7 months!
It’s been so long I forgot to bring my computer! 🤣

The accounting team of Tatsuki-san and Oka-san, the group’s finance advisors, got together as the financial statements for all of Speedy Group were available. (July is the end of the fiscal year)

Sales and profits increased in all segments. No debt and positive free cash flow. We have been in business for 2.5 years since March 2018, when the company was actually founded, with no business plan or vision of any kind, and with live management skills on the spur of the moment and on-the-spot.

Total sales up 17.9%.
Pre-tax income up 204.8%.

In this fiscal year, we will take on new challenges such as an entertainment show by XR, resort development in Okinawa, DX-ready consulting for human resources, and virtual human planning!