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Long history of “The Asada Family” until it became a hit

I was deeply moved to hear that photographer Masashi Asada’s “The Asada Family” has been made into a movie.

I met Mr. Asada for the first time in June 2007. At that time, I was fascinated by Ms. Asada’s love for her family and the many photographs that expressed that love, and asked her to produce the project.

In September 2007, with the sponsorship of P&G, it was distributed online and became a hot topic. But back then, they didn’t even have smartphones and offered it on Galaga! You wouldn’t believe it debuted with a 3.5 inch image!
↓ Guide to the series at that time

↓In the same year, in October, he had his first solo exhibition above a snack bar in Kitahama, Osaka. It was impressive that her mother handed out handmade artificial roses to the few visitors.

↓In July 2008, the following year, a photo book was published by Akaakasha. I gave up the rights to the book for various reasons. Therefore, the story up to this point is completely unknown to the world.

↓In March 2009, he was awarded the Ihei Kimura Award, the Akutagawa Prize of the photography industry, for this photo book.
The day after receiving the award, I was happy to hear from the artist, Yukinori Dehara, who said, “Congratulations. After that, I forgot about this project.

↓June 2020! Suddenly, they are going to make a movie starring Kazuya Ninomiya.

The reason I wanted to write this down again is to say that content hits take time.

It has been 13 years since I first met Mr. Asada in 2007, and I am very happy to see that this unique work is now well known to everyone.

Opening nationwide October 2, 2020! Congrats!!!