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Amazon Prime Video’s new show “Colorful” (Season 1) is now available! Feat. “Nonn,” the goddess who watches over the earth.

New Amazon Prime Video show “Colorful” (Season 1) now available!

The world is filled with gloomy news every day. ・・・・ Nine elite groups of laughter (Jaljal, Plus Minus, Jersey Mouse, Kamaitachi, Fujisaki Market, Wagyu, Mimikazuchi, Milk Boy, Einstein) stand up to change such a darkened earth to a brighter world with the power of laughter.

Can you bring the energy of laughter (rough) to “Non,” the goddess who watches over the earth, and to the JO1 members who support her, and make the earth colorful?

And the duo that generated the most laughter energy will be presented with a special program in episode 10!
Who will win the final episode with flying colors? And at the end of each episode, the nine pairs will perform their best material!

The full-length stories of each duo’s true intentions, which are rarely seen on TV!
(C)2020 YD Creation

Cast: Non, Rui Shiraiwa, Junki Kono