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VR / AR to XR (Extended Reality) Case Study: Katy Perry’s Live TV Show

VR / AR to XR (Extended Reality)

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First, watch this video of Katy Perry singing on this popular American TV show. In case you are wondering, this is not a composite or anything, but a live broadcast.
Katy Perry – Daisies (Live From American Idol Finale, May 17 2020)

The camera is just taking pictures of Katie singing live. Isn’t that great!

Unlike VR, this XR technology does not require a headset and can be enjoyed by a large audience, which is an advantage. The first is the “one and only. As the use of headsets at events in Corona has declined dramatically due to concerns about hygiene, the need for XR is expected to increase. The

XR can be used in physical locations, so it does not feel unrealistic like a CG game, but overwhelmingly realistic. It can be expressed. That’s why I think it fits in with theater and concerts.

The way this image is created is not synthesized on a green background, but rather the image is played in real time on an LED panel. The performers act in the virtual environment of the LEDs, and the camera outputs the AR in real time for compositing.

The structure of the XR Studio is
a) Virtual environment projected on LEDs (motion graphic content)
b) Real-time AR (composite in real time with camera tracking)
c) 3D simulation controls the lighting according to the performer, creating the illusion of the user’s viewpoint through the screen.

The performer performs in a virtual environment of LEDs, and the camera outputs and composites AR in real time.

All this information comes from Yuko Nakamura of Akuntsu (Canada Motoriall), a business partner of Speedy. She always brings beautiful creativity!

If you want to do a show like this in Japan, please contact me!

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