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Amamikyo descends to Hyakumei Beach and creates Ryukyu

Once upon a time, Amamikyo was commanded by the sun to go from the “Island of God” Kukojima to Hyakumei Beach in Nanjo to create the Ryukyu Islands.
There are many myths in the Ryukyus that regard the hermit crab as the origin of man. The ancient world was seen as “Aman (= hermit crab) You,” or “the world of hermit crabs.
A hermit crab ate the fruit of a tree called adan and was reborn as a human being.
That is why the Okinawan Obon Festival is dedicated to hermit crabs.
When pineapples and peaches were offered in the garden of the villa, a very large hermit crab was eating them.
They say it is very auspicious. Excellent!!!