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Haruo Joguchi, a hermit living on an Okinawan island

My friend Nori had told me for some time that there was a hermit in Okinawa.

The hermit is called George. His real name is Haruo Joguchi, probably 76 years old.
For 46 years, he lived in hiding in the jungles of Miyagi Island without electricity or civilization.

When I was young, I became a crew member of a tuna fishing boat and worked hard morning and night, but my uncle, who brought me up, paid for everything. He was in despair when he found out that he had run out of money.

From then on, he wanted to live a life free from money, and after moving from island to island, he ended up on Miyagi Island near his birthplace.
Since then, he has been enjoying a carefree life in the jungle, fishing and getting information on his homemade radio.

Nori found George sitting on the beach while touring the ocean on a kayaking job. They hit it off and had several conversations, and Nori was taught a unique new way of life.
I will write about that story slowly at another time.

Unfortunately, he passed away one month before we were scheduled to finally meet him. Nevertheless, I was allowed to visit him for a memorial service. Mr. George, who had no family register or anything, had returned to the earth as sand, just as he had wished before his death.

There are many ways to live. How many of us can accept the reality that lies before us and live as it is?

Although I was not able to meet George in the end, I felt that there are many lessons in his way of life that are necessary for me and people in the world today. I am still in the process of learning how to use the word.

We pray from the bottom of our hearts that he will rest in peace.

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