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We’ve decided to build a pleasant entertainment facility in Nanjo Tamaki, Okinawa!

I would like a hotel with an infinity pool, mindfulness, gym, and other facilities that match the nature, while overlooking the beautiful Hyakuna Beach, where Ryukyu has been perfected.

We want to be a quiet entity that is one with nature, without losing the aura of the undeveloped wilderness.

An all-local team that is willing to cooperate.
President Chinen of Techno Construction, Mr. Toma and Mr. Miyara of Yonemoto Construction Industry.


↑The cliffs are a possible site for resort development.

↑ Below the cliff from the road is a forest of about 12-14 meters

↑upAbout 200 tsubo (650 m2)
1471-1, Yamashitahara, Momona, Nanjo City, Okinawa, Japan

↑upFigure of completion