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Japan’s DX (Digital Transformation) needed

Looking at the reality of Okinawa, I feel nothing but despair for the current central politics.

Politics may be about numbers, but in reality, Japan was run by the will of the prime minister and his cronies. Is it not the case that the numbers do not reflect the current situation at all?

The reason is that the Cabinet alone is proceeding one after another with major budgetary matters that must be deliberated in the Diet without democratic procedures. The reason is that the government is still in the process of

It seems that even the majority of politicians in the ruling party have been kept in the dark about what is going on.
The Diet session has ended, and the prime minister says he will open the Diet whenever there is a problem, but it has not opened at all. Therefore, progress on the coronary disease countermeasures has been slow. The medical associations, growing impatient, have made strong requests to the prime minister, but he has been slow to respond.

I believe that the only way to overcome this current situation is through an online dissolution and general election.
I think we should create a salvation cabinet to prepare for the war against Corona.
The issue is “post-corona”.

I will vote according to the qualifications of the legislators, regardless of party affiliation.” Decisions based on “herding” do not lead to good results. Regardless of the party, whether it is the ruling party or the opposition party, we should send outstanding people to national politics. If they are good, they can make a “good herd. However, if we choose by “herd,” even the best people will eventually be defeated by the logic of the organization and nothing will come to fruition.

To do so, we believe it is important to elect politicians with the following three conditions.

…Being young in thought, regardless of age! Able to think and implement policies from the people’s perspective in a speedy manner
…IT literate!
You have to DX the whole country now.
The ability to negotiate with other countries.
You have to have diversity.

The axis of the policy is….

Expansion of care and medical system for front responders (cutting-edge medical personnel)
Stimulate consumption by reducing consumption tax through time-limited legislation
Adequate compensation for absence requests and additional benefits for the second wave

I think we need a new cabinet that can steadily implement measures at least until next summer, when the vaccine will be widely available.