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To keep scratching.


Mankind is like a thin layer of moss growing on the surface of a giant rock. Humans are special thinking, language-enhancing creatures, and their numbers are growing.

However, it is not possible to change the operation of this earth in the slightest. It only occupies the very surface of the earth and thinks it owns it by scratching and clawing.

Looking up at the night sky, we are under the illusion that the stars also exist for human beings. Even after witnessing the vastness of the universe, mankind is still unable to break free from the illusion of anthropocentrism. (omitted).
All we can do is to feel lucky to be alive today, to be humbled in the face of the countless events occurring on the earth, and to be grateful that we have the opportunity to be a part of the world’s future. With these thoughts in mind, we can only open a can of beer.

Let’s relax. Let’s be happy to be here on earth. Everything will be confusing at first. But that’s why we have the opportunity to learn again and again, and to find the way of life that is right for us.
– Carrie Maris / February 2000