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Detoxify social networking fatigue by reading

One of the reasons for launching Speedy Press was a sense of doubt about the social tendency to seek “connections” too much. In order to solve this problem, he felt the need for a new publishing medium.

With the development of social networking services over the past few years, the importance of “connections” between people has become more and more important. I think there is a big backlash against that.” It is fine to be “connected,” but the freedom to “not be connected” should also be guaranteed.” I think that if “connection” is extremely forced, it will lead to the mentality of wartime Japan. A social mood is formed in which exceptions are not tolerated.

In particular, peer pressure among the Japanese is so pervasive that it is unexplainable to other countries, to the extent that criticism on social networking sites has forced celebrities to commit suicide. Incidentally, it is difficult to explain “overwork death” to Westerners.

Most of the time, people ask, “Is there still slavery in Japan? Otherwise, why didn’t you stop working before you died?” The answer is always, “Why not? The reality is that there is little mobility of human resources, and given that 70% of the workers are salaried employees, it may be difficult to escape even if one wanted to.

Back to reading. Reading is the ultimate offline activity, not something that can be experienced online, which is the latest fad. It is the ultimate offline activity.
Solitude may be the means to reclaim the self that has been exposed and misunderstood on social networking sites.

Reading interrupts our temporary and flimsy “connections” and teaches us about the vastness and diversity of the world. It teaches us to be ourselves.

The protagonist of Motojiro Kajii’s “The Graduates” buys an exceptionally beautiful lemon to relieve his anxiety. Through the act of placing that lemon on top of a book in a major bookstore, he performs an imaginary terror.

The protagonist of Albert Camus’ “The Death of Happiness” tries to become rich by killing someone he knows in order to become immediately happy. He believes that money will make his happiness last longer because he will spend less time earning it.

Kobo Abe “Woman in the Dunes” The main character visits the dunes in pursuit of an insect, falls into a hole he cannot get out of, and gives up his life while forced to live with the woman who lives there.

It is this kind of publishing that teaches us that there are many ways of thinking through reading.

The ability to offer this diversity is the real appeal and depth of the publishing business, and it is a meta-technology that is in even greater demand today. I believe this is a very important aspect of the “culture” of the world.

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