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New album now available! Ray Yamada [You are someone’s hero] -To the first responder

Ray Yamada’s new album is now available! (Release date : July 31, 2020)

This work was written and recorded entirely in the Corona Disaster.
I will make love to you with music, which is the only thing that can heal the anxious world covered by the corona.
We hope you will share the mental images that Rayamada felt.

The subtitle “First Responder” refers to those who are the first to respond in the event of a disaster or sudden illness.
Therefore, a portion of the proceeds from this work will be donated by Speedy in honor of the first responders (medical professionals) who are still working hard on the front lines. ↓↓.
◆”Meal support for doctors and nurses on the front lines of new coronavirus” General Incorporated Association RCF

Ray Yamada [You are someone’s hero] -To the first responder
Total 14 minutes 54 seconds
1. digital Indian
2. the Island of Sou
3. love is all rhapsody
4. you are someone’s hero

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