Speedy NEWS

New song [lalala nichiyobi] by “Non tomo. m” by Non & Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M is now available!

The recent “NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE~Mattari Dotto Dotto no Live Show~ vol.3” (#NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE on July 24) was a great success!

This time, artists Otomo Yoshihide and Sachiko M will challenge regular members “Non” and Kei Higuchi!

From the first song, “Non” sang Miyuki Nakajima’s “Fight! The singer sang a cover of the song. This song was covered by “Non + Otomo Yoshihide Special Band” as the ending theme for the drama “Unnecessary and Unwanted Ginga” that was broadcast on NHK General the day before the live performance.


Also, the next day, a new song [lalala nichiyobi] by “NONTOMO. M,” consisting of Non & Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M, will be available for download! The music video will be released at the same time!

The song “lalala nichiyoobi” is a heart-warming song that is composed of more than 100 voices collected from the public through Nonno’s home project “#Minna de lalala” (Everyone is lalala). Please give it a listen!