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Speedy Books, a punk-ass publishing house made entirely of gig workers!

It is good that I created Speedy Books with such vigor, but I am a complete novice when it comes to the practicalities of publishing.
But I would like to mention at this stage that it is made up of many behind-the-scenes players.

Speedy Books’ main battleground is the English-speaking world.

It consists of five major work parts.

1. free editor Junko Io
First, my new book, ” Paradigm Shift, Are You Ready? begins with the overall concept and structure (menu) first. We tried to create an easy-to-understand story about the state of society in the near future for everyone.
Junko Io, the editor in charge, who is a friend of Fukuda’s from college, interviewed Fukuda in accordance with each menu, and the interviews were made up one chapter at a time.
Since we have worked together for many years, we understand each other’s subtle nuances.

2. blindwriters, inc.
Naomi Kobayashi and other professionals from Blind Writers, a company made up of visually impaired people, will be in charge of transcribing these recordings.


They always give me feedback at the end of the transcription, which makes me happy because it goes beyond mere ordering and receiving. I really rely on them. He is also in charge of transcribing many of the conversations on the “Talk ed” website, so even if I speak too fast, he transcribes it accurately.

3. proofreading
I did not understand the importance of review. I was aware that it was merely a “Te-OHA” function of Word, but it was not the same thing. In the first edition, there was no professional review at all. However, the advisor, Shinsuke Tsutsumi, also told us, “Reviewing never ends! He corrected his thinking when it was pointed out to him. A professional reviewer was urgently requested. The review will be reflected from the second printing. Professional reviewers are asked whether the author’s intentions are historically correct. ↓See below.

This time, we asked Mr. S., a freelancer. He is a professional who has worked for Shogakukan’s school yearbooks and books on early childhood education, Sekai Bunka Sha, KADOKAWA, Poplar Publishing, Minerva Shobo, and others.

4. gengo
A crowdsourcing company started by a staff acquaintance.
The level of translators is managed by gengo, so the client can choose according to our budget and the content to be translated. Prices range from 5-14 yen per character, depending on the level. A business book is about 60,000 words per book, so the total cost is 540,000 yen (9 yen per word). The production cost of a book translated into English by a traditional company is 2-3 million yen, so you can see how inexpensive this is. Crowdsourcing will also increase translators’ income compared to the ever-decreasing number of jobs from the existing industry.

In addition to the English translation, another person will proofread the document. The choice of translator is determined by having the first paragraph test-translated by a translator of any race. If you give them a taste instruction, they will deliver it within a few days with several people. The level of quality is also very high.

5. book espresso machine
The sales of his own book this time are still 70 for paper books %。Kindleが30%. Japan has yet to move away from paper. However, since we operate on Amazon’s print-on-demand (POD) system, we do not have to carry inventory. Moreover, the speed of delivery is next-day delivery upon order.

This time, Gakken Publishing is handling as the Amazon POD agent in Japan. The English version is contracted directly with Amazon.

The book manufacturing machine produces a book in roughly six minutes. Please watch the small video.


Speedy Books is made up of these five parts.
Not a single employee was involved in this production process.
They are all gig-worker publishers.