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Online Conversation [Innovation in Post-Corona] with: Naoki Sakai, Conceptor, and Jun Fukuda, Consultant

We are pleased to present a summary video of our recent highly successful dialogue.

Naoki Sakai also launched an online salon this month, if you are interested!

[Post Corona Innovations] Saturday, June 27, 2020

Featuring: Naoki Sakai, Conceptor x Jun Fukuda, Consultant

Two new publications by Speedy’s Chairman Naoki Sakai and President Jun Fukuda were released at the same time.
A shortened (12:56 min.) version of the Facebook Live!

Book Guide
Naoki Sakai, “Curiosity and Innovation: How People Think Outside the Box”

Jun Fukuda, “Are You Making the Paradigm Shift? : Into the Post-Corona Era.”