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Ancient memories of humans playing with nature

Perhaps we have long forgotten that humans cannot live in human society alone.
The unexpected counterattack from the natural world reminded me once again of the wonders of nature. If we do not reboot our genes, which in prehistoric times lived in harmony with nature, and change our way of life, we humans will become the scraps of the earth.
The following is an excerpt from a statement by Koichi Goka (Chief Researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies).
Because we were weak, our brains developed. We were not strong enough and not good at climbing trees, so we were quickly driven out of the forest. When they were driven out to the grassland, they were in full view of their natural enemies, so they began to form communities and communicate with other people to help each other. So they began to communicate with each other, and as they grew wiser and wiser, they used tools, invented languages, and eventually created civilizations and cultures. In the process, the brain developed more and more.
On the flip side, humans have been able to survive because of our humanity to help each other. That is one of the good things about humans that other animals don’t have, but the trouble is that as we evolved, we became smarter and smarter and created a more convenient society, and now we feel as if we can survive on our own.”
From a conversation with artist Elly (Frau magazine, August 2020)