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Innovation by reckless young brains!

Why do we do reckless things when we are young?

It seems to be a brain problem. The brain with little experience learns life know-how through danger.
In fact, all young creatures, not just humans, are equally fond of danger.
Young bats fly toward their natural enemy, the owl, in search of thrills.
According to the researchers, the behavior of young individuals to go out of their way to approach rather than run away from something dangerous is called “anti-predator behavior.

The brain (prefrontal cortex) that promotes calm judgment does not mature until one is in his or her 20s. Conversely, as one gains experience with age, the prefrontal cortex matures and becomes a risk-taking brain. Experience reduces risk and helps us live longer, but it also reduces sensitivity and imagination, so we cannot innovate.

If I think about it, I won’t be able to jump from here, so yippee!

An impulse inherited from our ancestors? Young people’s risky behavior may be a survival instinct.