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NON” navigates the radio program “FROM THE NEXT ERA”, this time with guest Kaori Momoi!

NON” will be the navigator of the radio program “FROM THE NEXT ERA” on J-WAVE.
Our guest this time is Kaori Momoi, an actress/director based in Los Angeles.

The best thing about this program is that if you miss it, you can listen to it on YouTube or podcast.
I was impressed by Ms. Momoi’s comment on the radio that as an actress, she had decided to only work in her own distinct color, say green, over the course of her career, and now that she had worked out her green, she was able to think that she was green, and now she wondered what would happen if she mixed in other colors.

I thought, “Essentially, human beings are supposed to live like this, enjoying their own change and trying new things.
Please take a listen.
Nonon and Kaori Momoi] Two actresses and directors talk about movies.