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CEO Activism : What is CEO Visibility?

CEO activism, the term goes.

It refers to leaders speaking out and taking action on social and political issues that are not directly related to their company’s interests.
In the entertainment world, Kyoko Koizumi talks about politics and Laura talks about the environment, and both sides of the argument are divided, but in light of these global trends, these comments are not only for the environment, but also for the people. This is a very natural process.

Until the 20th century, the only external activities of companies were “PR” to sell their products and services. (Public Relations)

In the 21st century, “investor relations” (IR) became important as individuals could easily buy stocks online.

Next came “HR” (Human Resources), which was based on the idea that power harassment and chronic overtime work should not be tolerated, no matter how much profit was generated. became important.

In recent years, it has become clear that companies need to be more useful to the environment and society, and this has led to the concept of “CSR” (Corporate Social Responsibility), or “corporate social responsibility”. It has become ゙important゙.

Based on these four “Rs” (“PR,” “IR,” “HR,” and “CSR”), it will now be important for the CEO to state and implement how he or she considers contact with society outside the company.

Can you think of the face of the CEO of a company we all know?

How the Drivers of “CEO Activism” Work with the World