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GoTo campaign planning and conception issues.

GoTo campaign planning and conception issues.

If I were a government advisor, I would start with areas that are hard hit and have growth potential. It is only natural.

In a broad sense, 70% of Japan’s GDP is referred to as “services,” but this is misleading.
In fact, this designation includes all tertiary industries (electricity, gas, and water supply; wholesale and retail trade; finance and insurance; real estate (residential rental and other real estate); transportation and communications; and services).

If all industries other than primary industry (agriculture, forestry, and fisheries) and secondary industry (mining, manufacturing, and construction) are considered as “service industry,” the image of the word may make you think, “Ah, tourism must be saved! However, it is better to view the tourism industry as a part of the “service industry” within the “service industry. In other words, it is not an industry that needs to be saved right now. Unfortunately.

According to the definition published by the Cabinet Office, the “service” and “manufacturing” sectors are about 25 %ずつくらいで合計50% retail, real estate, and transportation and communications are %ずつくらいで、合計30% 10 each, for a %ずつくらいで、合計30%.

Looking at the growth trends of each of these industries, and considering the development of industries that will lead to Japan’s future with the Corona disaster up to vaccine development, investment should be concentrated in the three areas of medicine, telecommunications, and education.

#Medicine : Vaccine development and research by own country is necessary. Fighting new viruses should be budgeted more than military spending. Also, more protection for fertos responders (police, firefighters, doctors) who are fighting hard against coronas. The elderly who are vulnerable to coronas and the welfare personnel who care for them should be given priority in the allocation of funds. The number of treatment beds should also be increased.

#Communication : Unfortunately, we need to accelerate investment in internet related industries rather than tourism. 5G network development rather than Wi-Fi. Cashless instead of cash. Follow Estonia’s example and abolish the use of seals, vote online, and fully computerize various administrative procedures.
Follow Fujitsu’s example and offer subsidies and tax exemptions to encourage companies to promote remote work.

#Education : STEM enhancement. Adaptive learning (programmed education tailored to individual abilities) AI, strengthen training of drone engineers. Rather than free tuition for schools, we should hasten the development of laws to create an environment where students can learn online.

For tourism, transportation, and food and beverage, I think the only way to get by until January 1, 2022, which is considered the first post-Corona year, is through thorough three-density measures and cost reduction. In other words, I think it would be realistic to provide subsidies and tax exemptions for another year and a half of confidence.