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SOUNDRAW, an AI music composition cloud service for video creators: AI reads the air and makes music for you! The day has come when this kind of science fiction world will become a reality.

AI reads the air and makes music for you! The day has come when this kind of science fiction world will become a reality.
Let the musicians around you use it.
I’ve been waiting for this kind of post-Corona entertainment service, where YouTubers can freely express their creativity without worrying about copyrights.

The founder, Daigo Kusunoki, is from the Kansai region, just like me. I am a capital investor in the company.
Music lovers should give it a try.

The free beta version of SOUNDRAW, an AI composition cloud service for video creators, is now available.

SOUNDRAW provides a service that automatically generates music by combining AI-generated phrases by selecting a genre and mood. The tempo, instruments, song structure, and length can be freely edited.

Although the number of song genres is limited at this time, the number of phrases will be amplified by AI, song genres will be added continuously, and Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect plug-ins will be supported in the near future. The official version is scheduled to launch around October.

SOUNDRAW raised 65 million yen in a seed round from KVP, DEEPCORE, and individual investors Dai Sunagawa, Jun Fukuda, Shuhei Yamashita, Kazuomi Kintoh, and others. The funds raised will be invested in the development of the official version of the game.


Comment from Taigo Kusunoki (SOUNDRAW)
From an early age, I was a child who loved to draw, do crafts, and create things. I also immersed myself in dance during my college years and fell in love with music.
When I was editing videos as a hobby, I found it very difficult to find the right background music for my videos, and I wished I could easily edit the timing and length of the background music to make it more exciting, which is how I developed Soundlaw.
While video production is becoming available to everyone, music can still only be created by experts. Soundlaw is a service that allows anyone to create music. 4G is spreading throughout the world, and as we enter the 5G era, digital contents such as videos, games, and podcasts are rapidly increasing, and creators themselves are able to create music with Soundlaw, creating a world where they can create more freely. We hope to be able to do so.