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The corporate philosophy comes out in the simplicity and lack of choice.

Corporate branding that I think is tacky these days (this is just my personal opinion)
Car makers have announced the launch of dozens of EV cars with a bang. We see commercials of all kinds of models in all kinds of colors.
It was something of a blur. The feeling of being bothered came from the fact that, just like the latest “Spider-Man” movie, it was more lame that I couldn’t do it alone than that it was great that all of us were there together. Oh, how twisted I am!
What’s cool about apple is that they take the texture and taste of each color to the extreme and create a simple brand. They push their philosophy to the point where they say “this color is a must. When a model is changed, one color is added. Just by doing that, the additional color becomes extremely popular. They are very good at feeling that they have their own style.
Choice may be a kind of discovery. But I don’t think consumers want lots of choices. In fact, they don’t even want to choose colors. They just have to choose because they are available, and in the process, they lose sight of the essence of the product.
… I feel that this is also true of the florist inside this apparel store. What a cheap presentation! A sorry half-assed assortment next to the checkout counter at the supermarket. There, you see, it’s easy to choose! It is an abandonment of one’s own sense of taste. If you call this a choice, your interpretation is wrong. I think it is a cheap sale of a rough sense of taste.
Simple is easy to use. Simplicity creates a variety of consumer combinations.
So, brands should try to subtract, not add. This would resonate better with consumers.
It’s just my personal opinion…