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B=maga” (2022.02) special interview with Jun Fukuda, Production Manager, and Tomoyuki Miyagawa, Executive Producer, on the film “Ribbon”.

Talk about the origins of “Ribbon,” which finally opens in theaters nationwide this Friday! The editorial board gave me the theme of “What is the future of the industry?
But while the platforms of the entertainment industry have changed, the value of the content itself has increased over time, and the demand for it has peaked with the Corona disaster. I think this discussion of the background of these times will be of interest to businesspeople of all kinds. Please take a moment to read it, as a digital version is also available for purchase.
Special dialogue for the monthly magazine “B=maga” (2022.02)
Ribbon,” the first theatrical feature film written, directed and starring Non
The production manager x executive producer talks about “Ribbon”.