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Sambo Master’s new song “Bokudanonomono” (music video directed by “Non”) will be the theme song for the movie “Ribbon” directed by and starring Non!


The theme song of the movie “Ribbon”, directed by and starring Non, is a new song by Sambo Master, “Bokudan no Mononono”!
MV directed by “Non”! (30-second version)
Sambo Master performs passionately in a “ribbon costume” that links to the world of the movie! NON” also appears in the music video.
Sambo Master, wearing a huge number of intertwined ribbons, playing in an empty live house! A storybook music video directed and performed by NON!
NON, who witnessed the sadness of students whose graduation exhibitions were cancelled due to the Corona disaster and whose youth was taken away from them, wanted to rescue the frayed feelings of the world, so she planned, wrote, directed, and starred in her first feature film “Ribbon,” opening in theaters on February 25.
The music video was shot at an unmanned live music club and an art college that evoked the Corona disaster. At the live music club, Sambo Master wore a costume with a large amount of ribbons, which was also used in the main visual for the movie “Ribbon. NON not only directed the music video, but also appeared in it as a girl who resembles Someday, the main character of “Ribbon.” The story is about a girl who is feeling bewildered by the restrictions on entertainment and art due to the Corona disaster, but finds hope in the music played by Sambo Master.
Sambo Master’s “Boku no Dokonimono” will be released for distribution on February 23 (Wed.).
The full version of the music video will also be available on the same day.