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NON” is a member of the “Campaign Against Fraudulent Products: Protect the Originals! We participated in the (Supported by National Police Agency)

NON” is a member of the “Campaign Against Fraudulent Products: Protect the Originals! We participated in the

There are still people who know that it is a crime to steal things, but they think it is okay to steal things like video and music that are airborne. If people think that because everyone else is doing it, it is okay, the entertainment industry will not be able to produce good works and will be wiped out.


Planning: Anti-Counterfeiting Council
Organization for Promotion of International Distribution of Content
Supported by: National Police Agency

A campaign is underway to appeal for the eradication of pirated and counterfeit brand-name products and other illicit goods.

This year’s video, “Let’s Protect the Original! to send a message about the importance of protecting intellectual property rights.

In this video, Ms. Nong says, “A lot of people involved put a lot of passion and time into creating a single work of art or product. I hope that our society will have a heart that values original works and products.

She also presented NON’s original character, “Warui-chan,” a version of “Fraudulent Products, Counterfeit Brands, and Piracy are NON!” as well as a newly drawn version of her character for this campaign.

There is no end to the number of copyright and trademark infringements that exploit the growth of high-speed Internet networks and the increasing functionality of smartphones and other mobile devices.

As a countermeasure to this current situation, the Copyright Law was revised on June 5, 2020. From October 1, 2020, the operation of so-called “reach sites,” which are websites that aggregate information on links to infringing content, etc., and from January 1, 2021, downloading infringing content, such as manga and books, knowing that the content has been illegally uploaded, will both be subject to criminal penalties. The new law will apply to all users of the Internet.

Campaign website: (Japanese only)