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Speedy Resorts : Okinawa Prefecture Nanjo City Attractions 2021

Speedy Resorts (Speedy Resorts Okinawa) and Natural Sightseeing Spots (Nanjo)
The Okinawa Development Finance Corporation and the Japan Transport Corporation Foundation have conducted a “Survey of Awareness” summary of the Corona Disaster in 2020 throughout Japan as follows The result was.
The most popular destination for high-income earners is Okinawa.
I would rather travel domestically than abroad.
I want to be free from everyday life.
Avoid dense cities.
In all likelihood, Okinawa will absorb all of Hawaii’s needs for the next several years.
“The southernmost resort in Okinawa, where you don’t need a passport.”
In particular, the southern part of Okinawa (Nanjo City, 30 minutes from the airport), which I promote, has abundant nature untouched since the earliest days of the Ryukyu Islands.
Hyakumei Beach: A hot spot of Ryukyu origin created by Anamikyo, the goddess of women
Kakihana Hijia River: A spot on high ground with countless waterfalls selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan
Sehwa Utaki: Utaki surrounded by huge rocks and sacred trees designated as a World Heritage Site
Gyokusendo: A 5-km-long limestone cave that took about 300,000 years to build.
Kudaka Island: A remote island filled with mystery and known as the home of the gods. A regular flight takes 20 minutes.
Komaka Island : An uninhabited island with a circumference of only 800 meters, 15 minutes by regular boat. You can play with tropical fishes by bare diving.
Okujima Island: Easy to reach by land with dried squid, tempura, and diving from a bridge.
Just to give you a quick list, there is so much natural tourism, and all of it is hotspot.
A pleasant place to be within 30 minutes of Spiriso.
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Speedy Resorts : Okinawa Prefecture Nanjo City Attractions 2021

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