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Unlearning : New Innovations Created by Ultimate Amateurism

Oh, right!
I learned about the concept of “Unlearning” from Naoki Sakai’s column in his salon “Design Management Salon.
My principle of action was the ultimate in amateurism (Unlearning)!
Ignoring history, etiquette, and advice from seniors, I’m going to do it in a wild rush toward the goal.
If I had learned properly, I wouldn’t make such ordinary mistakes… but the speed of realization is important. The more mistakes you make, the better off you feel.
The batting average of success may be proportional to the number of failures. The baseless “I can do it!” I came here with a
◆Quotes from Naoki Sakai’s column
Unlearning: to consciously discard knowledge and values and relearn them. It is often translated as “unlearning and dismissing. In times of rapid change, we need to change ourselves, adapting to the changing environment without sticking to our existing values and past successes. It is not an easy task to rethink conventional wisdom and stereotypes and achieve self-transformation.
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