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The ultimate minimalist lifestyle makes the earth a garden!

The ultimate minimalist lifestyle.
Even if we say that we will abandon our homes, our possessions, and everything else and live as travelers, in reality we cannot live without owning anything at all.
In Okinawa, there are many trailer houses. They are placed on a small piece of land.
The house may be small, but nature is abundant, so I guess the earth is the garden.
Perhaps it is richer to live a minimalist life in the countryside than to live a solitary life in an urban townhouse.
The age of “use” is changing from “own” to “use,” but the earth doesn’t belong to anyone, so people are just “there” to use it.
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A woman who started living in a 19-square-meter house to fund her retirement has created a “micro-housing village” and turned it into a business|BUSINESS INSIDER