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Production announcement of the movie “Ribbon” directed by and starring Non!

I had the opportunity to attend the production announcement of the movie “Ribbon,” directed by and starring Non, which has already finished filming!
The punk energy of “Non” was the driving force behind the creation of this work.
One day, Non said, “I will create a movie. After reading the synopsis, I felt that I had to realize the enthusiasm contained in this story.
Collaborators quickly emerged, and the film was shot at the end of last year and is now in the final editing stage. Six months of planning and lightning speed!
We believe that this film will pour a saving fervor into a world sore with coronas.
Jun Fukuda
◆Project Outline
Restore Our Art! A story of rebirth for an art student whose future was stolen from her.
Winter 2020. Due to the Corona disaster, the graduation project, which took a year to complete, loses its place for presentation.
I have time at home, but I don’t feel like doing anything. ……
The actress Non plays “Someday”, an art student who is deprived of the art of expression and struggles to find what she is supposed to do.
It is a story of “rebirth” in which Nonnon painfully breaks through her current depressing situation with her own power.
The first feature film by ◆ director Nun!
This is the second film that Non will direct, following the YouTube Original “Ochitsuke Nanse (2019)”. This film was conceived by NON, who witnessed firsthand the sadness of students whose youth was being stolen away by the loss of so many graduation ceremonies, with the hope of scooping up some of the world’s frayed feelings. She also wrote the script, and with her characteristic energy and vitality, this film is about art college students reclaiming their identity for themselves.
◆The outstanding ribbon special effects are provided by “Shin Godzilla” director and special effects supervisor, Shinji Higuchi, and associate director and special effects supervisor, Katsuro Onoe!
The “expression of emotion through ribbon art,” a NON idea, is also noteworthy. Colorful ribbons are used to express the various emotions of the main character. The ribbons, which are sometimes sharp and sharp and sometimes dance gracefully, were created by the splendid team of “Shin Godzilla” director and special effects supervisor, Shinji Higuchi, and associate director and special effects supervisor, Katsuro Onoe. The ribbon special effects are a masterpiece of special effects expression.
◆Non Comments
Last year, as the new virus began to spread, I made the decision to cancel a music festival that I myself was organizing just before it was to take place.
I will never forget the frustration I felt at that time.
And as I lived through the period of self-restraint caused by the first declaration of the state of emergency, I could feel the prioritization of entertainment and the arts, such as music, movies, and stage performances, decreasing.
In the process, I realized once again that I am supported by the entertainment, music, and art that I have seen. This feeling became stronger and stronger, and I couldn’t stay away from it, so I started writing a screenplay.
I decided to make the protagonist of my work an art student, which I admire, and started researching the situation of art students at Corona Disaster. Then I found an article featuring the graduation works of art students.
I was so shocked by the interview written there, in which he said that what he had spent so much time creating seemed like garbage. It resonated and swelled with my own frustration, and I proceeded to write the screenplay, hoping to somehow clear up this disappointment.
If the film could scoop up some of the feelings frayed by the Corona disaster….
I put my heart and soul into this film. I hope you all enjoy the film.
◆Theatrical film “Ribbon
Release date: Scheduled to open in 2021
Written, Directed and starring: Non
Special Effects: Shinji Higuchi
Special Effects Producer: Katsuro Onoe
Production Manager: Jun Fukuda
Executive Producer : Tomoyuki Miyagawa
Creative Supervisor: Masaomi Kanzaki, Mitsuko Takizawa
Producer: Chikako Nakabayashi
Planning: Non
Production: Booster Project
Production: Japan Movie Channel, non, Speedy, Comidia, Inc.



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