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Ostriches Save the Global Environment


Ostrich meat sandwich!
Much leaner, tender and delicious.
Once I had interrupted Christmas by eating reindeer meat in Finland, camel meat in Dubai, and was caught in quarantine at Narita, I was allowed to eat ostrich for the second time at “H” (Akka), run by Eikou Zhou in Ebisu, Japan. Last time I had it as a steak, and it was perfectly lean with no fat. And juicy and tender!
Ostriches are resistant to plagues such as corona and rich in protein. When the corona started, candy made with ostrich antibodies was all the rage.
The ostrich is the world’s largest bird, measuring 2 m in length, weighing over 160 kg, and about 2 m to 3 m in height. Although it is the largest bird species on earth, its brain is about the size of a human eyeball and weighs about 40 g. It is extremely dim-witted, and although it lives a long life (40-60 years), it is often killed by running into a wall or falling off a cliff because of its goofiness.
He is a bird, but he can’t fly, and he is a comedic kind of guy.
The initial cost of raising the animals is high, as a large site must be prepared.
A sturdy fence is also necessary to enclose the vast site, which must be large enough to allow for adequate exercise. In particular, the ostrich’s kicking power is extremely destructive, so the fence must be sturdy enough to prevent it from breaking. ←Are you really going to do it yourself?🤣
Ostriches are herbivorous and highly adaptable to their environment, so they can be bred throughout Japan.
They are rare and expensive now because of the high cost of feeding, but they consume less water than cows and the environment in which they are raised is more earth-friendly. It may be the ultimate weapon to prevent global warming. Mass production of ostriches is desired. A very eco-friendly guy.
That’s right.
Try the ostrich meat at the following restaurant run by Mr. Zhou Rong!
H” (Akka)
4F-A, Time Zone Hilltop Building, 1-18-9 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo