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Speedy NFTs: “Matrix Reservations” movie avatars for sale

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As part of a promotion for the latest “Matrix” movie, “Reservations,” NFT (100,000 unique avatars) were dropped and two were obtained.
Film distributor Warner Bros. sold avatars created with Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator on the marketplace Nifty’s. The servers were quickly flooded, confirming the popularity of NFT.
What is interesting about this promotion is that it attempts to create a new community virtually in conjunction with the content of the film.
Finally, tomorrow, January 5, U.S. time, you can choose the “red pill” or the “blue pill” and experience each mission and activity.
After that, competitive content will begin, and first place (savior) will win a very rare NFT.
It’s not just selling NFT, it’s creating a social token (fan community) linked to the movie world, which is new in Web 3.0!
It will be available at Speedy NFTs at the end of this month.
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