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Out comes the 20 year old magazine “Nikkei Web Company”! Special Feature “Reading the 21st Century: 51 IT Key Persons!”

Organizing the attic. The work stops when I come across a past magazine that features me.
Nikkei Web Company, a magazine published 20 years ago (January 2001 issue)
Selected as one of the “51 Key IT Personnel for the 21st Century”.
It was the first issue of the 21st century.
He was at Sony Pictures at the time, head of business development, 35 years old. His face is a child! How embarrassing.😔
But still, that’s 51 faces. Some who became more and more amazing people, and some who were missing as if they had no idea where they were going, but they did their best to believe in the times ahead.
All you know is that you don’t know what the future holds for people.