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Talked Talk [From “Watching” to “Listening” Voicy Changes the Future of Voice Media] (Part 1) Kentaro Ogata, CEO of Voicy, and Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant

Ogata-san and I are from the same Kansai region, so our tempos match!
Ogata-san founded the audio version of YouTube “Voicy” and offers a new form of radio. I, for example, listen to the Nikkei News every morning on Voicy.
If the 20th century was the age of images, the 21st century is the age of sound. Everything is being controlled by voice, including our smartphones and our homes.
First, read the dialogue and get a feel for Ogata-san’s unconventional energy. Actually, we should have done an audio version…😳
Talked Conversation [From “Watching” to “Listening” Voicy Changes the Future of Voice Media] (Part 1)
Kentaro Ogata, CEO of Voicy x Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant
Ogata: “I want to compare and choose the best product!” People are no longer saying, “I’m not going to do this. Because there are too many choices. So they are choosing based on “whether they like it or not.
I wonder if my influencers are referring me or not. With such information almost no longer needing to be “how right” or “how intense” or top of the line in comparison, why accept it? I think we are getting closer to that kind of relationship.
In this context, there are really only two patterns of information. One is “made by hand and put in by the eyes” and the other is “made by the mouth and put in by the ears. When you make it with your hands and put it in with your eyes, the amount of processing is useful because it is processed in an intermediate medium and put into your eyes. However, when the information is made with the mouth and put into the ear, the amount of vibration is put directly into the other person’s ear, so the tension, the rise in tension, etc., all reach the other person’s ear as is. Until now, there was no need to go that far, but to say, “I don’t care what the sender thinks, just give me something interesting” or “give me something useful. Now it is important to ask, “What does this person think? Is he telling this story with tears in his eyes?” or “How does he feel about it?” I think that’s what people want so badly.”
Editing and composition by
Junko Io
Photographed by
Yukiko Koshima
Date: July 5, 2021
◆ Reference
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Voicy Radio “Let me read that stuff in depth!”
Atsushi Fukuda