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Nonon and Chise Niitsu transform into “Ocomedians”! Just try it once!” New commercial for “Iwate Junjo Mai” released!

The new commercial for “NON”‘s “Iwate Junjo Mai” is now airing!

The TV commercial for Iwate Junjo Mai “Try It Just Once” began on October 1, 2021 (Friday).

In the commercial, “Non” and Chise Niitsu form a new duo, the “Ocomedians,” to convey the deliciousness of “Iwate Junjomai”!

When food tastes good, it makes you smile. You become happy. It makes you move your body.

These thoughts are delivered with comical dance and fun songs. The phrase is “Try it just once!

Also making a surprise appearance at the September 27 event was Takuya Tatsumasu, Governor of Iwate Prefecture. He gave his impressions of the new commercial and expressed his hopes for this year’s “Iwate Junjo Rice.