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MET GALA 2021 Economic Impact! Fashion Contributes to Museum Management

MET GALA 2021 Economic Impact! Fashion Contributes to Museum Management

The annual fashion event was held at the “Metropolitan Museum of Art” (MET) in New York.

This year’s co-hosts, Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman, Timothée Chalamet, and Naomi Osaka, were at their first Met Gala. The casting of this area is very good.

The second photo shows the four co-hosts, honorary host Tom Ford (far right), Instagram CEO Adam Mosely (far left), and Anna Wintour.

The status of “fashion” at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) is extremely low. It is ranked among the lowest in the art classification, and the section is located in a windowless basement.

Nevertheless, the strong power of Vogue Anna Wintour has branded the event, and revenues from this have reached a record US$15m ($1.65bn) in 2019 before Corona.

The irony is that the Fashion Section, the least appreciated of the MET’s approximately 20 sections, earns the most money. Incidentally, public participation costs about $2,500 (300,000 yen) per table.

The MET’s annual operating budget is $320 million (¥35.2 billion).
There’s also a $3.6 billion annual endowment (400 billion yen)! The public’s understanding of this culture is amazing!

The MET’s art purchases varied from 62,515,000 USD (700 billion yen) in 2016 to 28,035,000 USD (300 billion yen) in 2017, but very high budgets.

Incidentally, the National Art Center, Tokyo has the largest budget for art purchases among Japanese museums at 903 million yen (2016). The National Museum of Western Art has 306 million yen, about 1% of the MET… Towhoo…

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