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Enjoy the “thickening” of Baobab health tea. by Speedy Farm Only 20 left!

Enjoy the “thickening” of this healthy tea.
by Speedy Farm
Baobab tea” (produced in Okinawa in 2021) is made from dried baobab leaves, a superfood from Madagascar, and only 80 tea leaves can be harvested in a year. And Speedy Farm is probably the only place in Japan that sells this baobab tea!
Brewing a tea packet like other teas has little effect, but boiling the tea in boiling water for about 15 minutes and leaving it overnight, and then boiling it again for about 10 minutes the next day will thicken the tea.
It is this “thickening” that prevents blood sugar levels from rising and makes the body healthier. (The same ingredient as the “thickening” of okra)
Only 20 left! This is all of the leaves that were picked last year.
Since I made it as a hobby for my own health, I simplified the package design, etc. and am sharing it with you below cost (2,022 yen plus shipping).
Sales will be online only at It is not available in supermarkets or marche.
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