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What is happening in Ukraine is not a distant country.

What is happening in Ukraine is not a distant country.
This is evident from the fact that the coronavirus spread throughout the world within a few months.
The world is closer and more closely connected now than ever before. (both practically and online).
The same is true of corporate activities. Companies are able to generate sales under conditions that allow people to live in peace and satisfy their natural desires.
While global companies such as Apple and NIKE have suspended sales in Russia as of March 1, neither Toyota nor Sony have suspended sales of their products on the grounds of opposition to the war. Even though they are said to be global companies, they may be taking a very Japanese-style “wait-and-see” attitude.
Similarly, I am surprised that some businessmen are taking this opportunity to agree with the ridiculous argument that former prime ministers should discuss the possibility of sharing U.S. nuclear weapons. I am not surprised, because I think businessmen should be able to accumulate facts to judge things.
A major factor in this war is the presence of some of the world’s rarest minerals (uranium, titanium, etc.) in Ukraine. The main cause of any previous wars has been the extortion of resources.
Japan has been attacked only twice since its founding. This is because Japan has no resources. (That is why Japan was punished in the last unreasonable war for resources.) Furthermore, Japan is an island nation, which is difficult to attack, and it has a relationship with the U.S. (We will not discuss here whether or not Japan will protect itself in a contingency. It should be seen as a “deal. That is why we are not going to get carried away and make the stupid “nuclear arms” argument. If I were another country, I would think that I could make another country surrender in an instant by attacking 35 nuclear power plants with missiles without using my own nuclear weapons.
Therefore, a decent businessman should not be in a thuggish mood and say, “Japan should also discuss the possibility of using nuclear weapons. We should not forget the history of the only nuclear weapon dropped on Japan in the war and the countless Japanese people who suffered, and we should adhere to the three non-nuclear principles, maintain a lasting peace, and ratify the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.
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