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Speedy Galley Los Angeles : MASAKO, Britney TOKYO, Moeko Maeda, Naoki Sakai, Tetsuya Tamanoi

Speedy Gallery has five rooms in the facility.
MASAKO is exhibiting in the main room.
In addition, there is an exhibition of Naoki Sakai’s “Skall Imari,” an attempt at Imari ware, and exhibitions by Moeko Maeda, Britney TOKYO, and Tetsuya Tamanoi as a prelude to the Bergamot Art Center-wide event later this month, introducing a total of five artists. The exhibition will also feature Moeko Maeda, Britney TOKYO, and Tetsuya Tamanoi.
Please come and join us for this gorgeous lineup.
If you can’t come to Los Angeles, you can still purchase through e-commerce.
P.S.: Kaori Momoi’s husband Kaz purchased Naoki Sakai’s work. I’m so happy.
New exhibition: Distance – Physical and Psychological
Artist: MASAKO
2022. 04/02-5/28
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