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Inconvenience is also important… Adopt natural food as taught in the local market.

Inconvenience is also important…
Kariyushi Market, a local market in Nanjo, Okinawa, is always very popular. The market opens at around 8:00 a.m. and is jam-packed. The reason for this is that “when they run out of food, they are finished.
In the city, supermarkets are open at all hours. In recent years, out-of-season produce is also available. It is rare for them to run out of stock, which makes for a comfortable stay.
At the Kariyushi Market, freshly picked vegetables are simply placed haphazardly on shelves with no refrigeration. Delicious-looking produce sells out in the afternoon. Only what is in season is brought in in large quantities to please everyone’s stomachs.
Urban conveniences have food additives and preservatives to keep them in place. We live in a world that prioritizes convenience, thinking that it is only natural that measures to keep things from spoiling forever go against nature.
Now, which ingredients would you prefer to choose, the ones from “Kariyushi City” in Okinawa, Japan? I am not an extreme organic person, but I still want to eat something close to nature.
How about urban supermarkets rethinking their distribution rules once again?