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On Sale Today! The Street-Based City 2022: From Art to the Performing Arts, After Corona New Urbanism by a Serial Entrepreneur (Author: Jun Fukuda)


My new book is out today in bookstores nationwide!
At the reservation stage up to yesterday, the company was ranked 3rd in Rakuten “Sales Ranking”! and #4 in Amazon “Environment and Business”! and No. 4 in Amazon’s “Environment and Business” section!
Please take a moment to read it, everyone.
Streetwise City 2022.”
~ From Art to Performing Arts: After Corona New Urbanism by Serial Entrepreneurs
Towers that stretch “vertically” will destroy the city. The smart city of the future will be a street-style city that stretches “horizontally.
Jun Fukuda, a serial entrepreneur who has worked as an entertainment agent, operated an art gallery in L.A., sold NFT in Estonia, developed a resort and a high-tech farm in Okinawa, talks about the new urbanism.
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