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Why Hollywood is Losing to Netflix in “Top Gun Maverick”

Why is Hollywood losing out to Netflix?
The “Top Gun Maverick” (called Top Gun 2) is a good example.
First, the first “Top Gun” (called Top Gun 1) was released 36 years ago in 1986. Tom Cruise (born in 1962) was 24 years old. Kelly McGillis (born in 1957), who played his instructor and girlfriend in the film, was 29.
Tom is 60 years old at the return of the sequel, “Top Gun 2,” which was released this year and was a huge hit. Kelly is 65.
Val Kilmer, aka “The Iceman,” who lost his vocal cords to cancer, also appeared in the film. The son of “Goose,” who died in an accident during the film, also appeared in a semi-leading role. Despite the casting, which is so closely tied to the setting 36 years ago, Kelly does not appear in the film. Instead, 51-year-old Jennifer Connelly (b. 1970) appears as the attractive new girlfriend.
As a trivia spoiler, Penny Benjamin, who plays Jennifer, is actually only mentioned by name in the previous film. By analogy with her actual age, she is 15 years old in “Top Gun 1″…. See below for more details.
Hollywood has been out of touch with diversity for years. White male supremacy has been a consistent worldview from John Wayne to Tom Cruise. Of course, Tom’s efforts to make himself young and inhuman are to be respected. We will not discuss that here. The unnaturalness of Hollywood-style casting may not be appropriate for the 21st century, which demands diversity.
Sarah Jessica Parker (b. 1965), who plays the lead in “Sex And The City” (1998-) sequel “AND JUST LIKE THAT” (2021-), appeared in this series from age 33 to 57, and is remembered for her controversial performance of age appropriate The film is also known for its “The Last of Us” and “The Last of Us” series.
◆ Notes
She tells him to stop praising her for not hiding her gray hair, “and to applaud others who are brave enough to do so.”
In manga terms, “Top Gun” is “Sazae-san”. No matter how long it takes, Sazae-san will always be 24 years old. Tara will never grow up. On the other hand, “Star of the Giants” is “Sex And The City. The actors grow with the years, and some die with age. That is life.
Many of Netflix’s dramas represent diversity. It has a bullying Asian and an LGBTQ president who is not a cuckold. That is close to reality and realistic. Of course, I don’t deny that movies can give people dreams. There can be many different types of movies.
But Hollywood will eventually lose people’s support if it continues to cast only white men as young and cool forever. Tom is not an Avenger.
As someone who lived through the same years as Tom Cruise, I do not want to forget that my resonance with “Top Gun 2” is a longing for an irreversible time in my life that will never be fulfilled. I want to live my life with expectations of who I am now and who I will be in the future. After watching the film and feeling refreshed, I was made to think about the time of my life.

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