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Talk about heartbreak and the company going under.

This picture shows US dollars that my daughter in L.A. brought with her from Japan because she couldn’t link her payments to her bank and couldn’t withdraw her rent!

Now, let’s talk about money. Money is the greatest convenience tool invented by man. With money, we can buy things without bartering, and we can trade with other countries that have different currencies.
However, there are bad guys who make counterfeit money and rob people, and the liquidity of money has been avenged, and the original convenience of money has been lost. Money is characterized by its fangible token nature (i.e., no one knows who had it yesterday). Blockchain is said to be a safe money that keeps a record of its holders, but only the tax authorities need to know the identity of the money.
Money makes sense because it is in flux, but without that freedom, society becomes arteriosclerotic.
I left the Sony Group at the age of 52 to start Speedy. The big banks would not let me open an account with a company that had no track record. If this had been the case in the U.S., I would have just said, “Congratulations, here’s your check, and good luck. I questioned the way Japanese financial institutions require people who are just starting out in business to have a track record. It’s not about borrowing money, it’s just about creating an account!
If credit check standards are not more in line with modern standards, startups will not grow.
Now, here’s the great story. There is a local bank that opened an account for us at that time. At first, he used it for transactions, but eventually he started doing business with a big bank and stopped using the regional bank for regular transactions. However, we gradually saved up some surplus money at that regional bank over the next four years. That had turned into some amount of money. We needed the money for a resort in Okinawa and other things, so we decided to move that money around.
When the person in charge called him, he was told, “There is a screening process and I will send you the documents. Hmm? Examination? Paperwork?” I couldn’t understand it. Screening to withdraw our own money? If we fail the screening, will they steal our money? (Explosion)
And time went on for more than a week, but no documents were sent. The person in charge called again. I forgot to send in the documents.
I was outraged and asked my boss why, and he said that the person in charge had lost heart and forgotten about it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
It’s the kind of incident that could bring down some companies, right? I’m already at the point where I can’t find the punchline to this post because the incident that happened is so unrealistic.
So, from now on, the companies have to check the credit of the banks. Ah, what a surprise!😳