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NON” and Leena will co-star! On the YouTube channel “NON-YAROGA” in cooperation with Yomiuri TV

NON” and Leena will perform together!
Model Leena Lee has become a master of the art of killing in “NON-YAROGA,” a YouTube channel created by “NON” in collaboration with Yomiuri TV.
They were at the same office before, and Speedy is currently acting as their agent. What makes us happy here is that these projects are born from the free ideas of the talents and realized.
In today’s entertainment industry, “tie-in” bookings are rampant. This is a business practice whereby if you want to use this talent, you must use this talent in the next drama. As a result of this practice over the years, TV stations have lost their programming rights to entertainment agencies.
These adult factors have led to systemic exhaustion, and Japanese TV stations are losing ground to Netflix and Amazon prime, which cast their productions based on the work itself. Japanese TV stations should reform their structure so that they have the ability to develop original works and scripts, and to cast and staff internationally competitive productions.
Well, without my ramblings, enjoy the video below!
I became an apprentice of Chinese martial arts master and model Leena.
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