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Speedy Farm : Bush canes (Sarcodactylus) produced their first fruits.

From Speedy Farm
The bush kumquat (Sarcodactylus) planted in May 2021, recommended by Mr. Seijun Nishibatake, who supervises our farm, has finally borne its first fruit.
Bushcan is an evergreen tree of the tangerine family and a member of the same aromatic citrus family as “kabosu” and “yuzu”.
A rare plant called ‘Buddha’s hand’ that brings happiness, the bush cane, was producing fruit for the first time a year after planting, when I had almost given up on growing any more!
Bushcan has been used for ikebana and tea ceremonies since the Edo period (1603-1868), and is favored by artists as a motif for their paintings, and is depicted in many sculptures and picture plates. Recently, it has been used in a wide range of applications, including non-sweet jams, healthy teas, alcoholic drinks, and throat lozenges.
It also contains “hesperidin,” which protects capillaries from bacteria and viruses. It improves blood flow and prevents hyperlipidemia, among other effects.
By the way, they sell butsutekan candies at To-ji temple in Kyoto. How versatile!
When more fruits are produced, I intend to sell them as gifts and as healthy tea.
P.S.: The last photo is of the finished fruit (taken from the website)

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