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Dinner with Norihiko Sasaki and Naoki Sakai, founders of the economic content company “PIVOT”. I was going to ask how “PIVOT” was going at the beginning of the event, but Mr. Sasaki is such a brilliant listener that I ended up chatting too much.

The following services, I urge you all to do the same!

Well, today was a day of members evoking intellectual excitement morning, noon and night.
The Future of the “Japanese CNC” Established by a Film Director. The potential of Japan in the Korean entertainment industry. The greatness of the US unicorn company “MasterClass” (an online education site founded in 2014) with its generous celebrity presence. U.S. 5chan and gun control. To get out of the yen’s weakness, not its weakness, we should also look at the relationship between the dollar and other countries’ currencies. The difference in the treatment of Latinos, African-Americans, and Asians in the United States. Turkish President Erdogan’s economic deafness and the peculiarities of NATO diplomacy. Sources of information for TV commentators. The confirmation of the probability of a bad omikuji at Sensoji temple. The meta to make yourself about 10,000 people.
…and many other topics were discussed.

The important point is to always have a bird’s eye view of the world as a whole. morning news from around the world on NHK-BS is a must-see. Always question what is behind the news reports in Japan. Also, I guess it is important to have regular chats with friends from different fields like today.

Doing so allows me to remain the best version of myself.

P.S.: I started YouTube quietly. Please feel free to click on it if you like.
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