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The best country for digital nomads is Thailand

Forbes article about the growing number of digital nomads (people who can work anywhere using a computer, smartphone, Zoom meetings, etc.) in Corona.
According to Club Med, the best country for digital nomads is Thailand. Among others, especially with Phuket, I can really feel it!
The criteria are based on comfortable temperatures, low cost of living, internet speed, and ocean and mountain activities. That should be enough to make Okinawa world class!
I’d include these criteria plus good restaurants and airport access (nomads aren’t in one place).
Tech people don’t need to be in their own country anymore.
How many of the world’s 7.8 billion people work remotely with computers and smartphones?
I guess the financiers who work on Wall Street don’t have to be there either.
I also think that in the future, fishermen and others will be able to pilot their fishing boats and land fish remotely controlled by AI. In other words, if only a system could be developed that would eliminate the need to go to the field, people would be able to be more free.
The history of mankind has been a history of how to create leisure time. The more civilization develops, the more free time we have.
In primitive times, such as in “The First Human Gatrels,” a person would spend his or her day walking around looking for prey in order to survive. Now that we can store food in refrigerators and travel by car, we have more free time. Now that we are born in the 21st century and have plenty of free time, we should do more of what we love!
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