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NON’s “UN3D. On the cover of the “QUILTING BODY BAG BOOK”!

NON’s “UN3D. On the cover of the “QUILTING BODY BAG BOOK”!

The second edition of the brand book of “UN3D.”, a mode brand that values free individuality and sensitivity and develops high-quality items, is now available.

‘UN3D. NON was selected as the cover model for “QUILTING BODY BAG BOOK”.

The special item in this magazine comes with a body bag made of thick quilted fabric, which is perfect for small errands, as worn by Non on the cover.

Don’t miss it!

■Release Information
UN3D. QUILTING BODY BAG BOOK” (Takarajima Brand Book) to be released on October 7, 2022. October 7, 2022. 2,420 yen including tax.

Staff Credits Instagram
photograph Yuji Fukuhara(@eightpeace_management)
movie Ryo Iwaki (@ryoiwaki1203)
hair & make-up Shie Kanno
styling Izumi Machino(@izumimachino)
edit Keisuke Yano (@knax_official)
designer (@momokoogihara)
casting (@daisaku_i0906)