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Speedy Resorts Okinawa : The World of Hinoki, Scented by Giant Wooden Beams

Speedy Resorts Okinawa
In a previous issue of Vogue Living magazine, which is only available in Australia, London interior designer and architect Rebecca Korner was captivated by a villa in Mykonos, Greece, in seconds.
The white painted exterior walls were beautiful. And the bold wooden beams on the ceiling were also beautiful. Mr. Yamamoto of AtelierTeTe worked hard to find cypress to incorporate into the resort. I couldn’t find it in Japan. He was told that there might be some in Canada. But we still needed a big pillar.
After a long period of searching, they finally found miraculously good cypress trees in Miyazaki Prefecture, each 8 meters long and weighing more than one ton. Three of them. To emphasize the depth, the thickness had to be thicker from the front. We needed cypresses of the right thickness, large, medium, and small. And it was found!
He immediately dried the wood he found for six months and shipped it by sea to the port of Naha. After making many prototypes and deciding on the “baking temperature,” the wood was transported to Speedy Resorts by a large crane truck. The wood was transported to Speedy Resorts by a large crane truck, and it was no mean feat to attach each piece, weighing more than one ton, to the ceiling. The resort is located on a cliff, making construction extremely dangerous. The skilled carpenters of Kokko Construction carefully installed the cypress trees.
This will provide a luxurious space that harmonizes the scent of the Okinawan sea with the mellow cypress aroma of Miyazaki.
Thank you all so much!