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THE BAR by Speedy Interior work will finally start next week!

THE BAR by Speedy
Finally, interior work will begin next week.
The most important part of the bar is, of course, the counter. It seats about 10 people comfortably. The chairs are all Italian leather. The chairs are all made of Italian leather, and they cost a lot of money that cannot be amortized over the course of a year.
What height should the bar counter be? A height that allows people to dangle their feet would not allow them to stay for long, and people feel differently, so the height should be the height of a normal restaurant. The height of a desk in Japan is 70 cm, while in the U.S. it is 75 cm. 30 cm difference between the height of the table and the seat of the chair is common, so that people can cross their legs. We will use that kind of setting.
What material and color should the counter be made of? The 7-meter long counter is made of two pieces of wood. The design of the rim is also all dug in. We want the color to be darker than in this photo, and more modern, with a slight graininess. No varnish.
The opening will likely be at the beginning of the new year. Please look forward to it.
THE BAR by Speedy
Address: 4F, 7-12-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Powerhouse Roppongi Bldg.)
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From Roppongi Crossing, walk along “Gaien Higashi Dori” for about 200 meters toward Midtown, and you will find “Fish & Chips Marin” on the first floor on your left.
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