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Whether it is a hotel or a bar, when the business partner is dealing with a myriad of customers (C to C), a lot of knowledge of the latest technologies and design concepts are needed to create a Web site.
There are countless hotels and bars, but I don’t think they have that sophisticated web design. How are they doing it? Some of them still don’t have responsive design and display PC images as they are on smartphones. Reservations are only made by phone and email, and I wonder how they are able to attract customers. I wonder if they are built on the remnants of past legacies.
As a tech business owner, I have to ask, are you going to pay high rent and labor costs to set up a store and not have Google’s MEO (Map Engine Optimization) measures and Facebook location pinning set up? I’d like to say, “Are you going to do it?
Speedy Resorts only rents a single building and has no reception, so everything must be web-complete.
Even if hotel reservations are accepted only on the company’s own website, a system must be set up. Furthermore, if the company accepts reservations from multiple sites such as “Airbnb,” “Jalan,” and “Rakuten Travel,” it is necessary to introduce “bets24” (Germany), which controls these multiple sites, and “CheckInn,” a PMS (lodging reservation system) that is linked to these sites.
Also, if dynamic pricing (i.e., variable pricing based on season and peak season) is to be incorporated into room rates, more advanced data analysis capabilities should be provided.
Bars are no good for business if they simply wait around for customers. THE BAR by Speedy” would like to make good use of “LINE FRIENDS” to offer special benefits. We are not sure if we will be able to do this from the beginning, but we would like to offer a “virtual bottle keep” to those who register. For example, if you keep a bottle of “Whiskey Yamazaki” online, a 25-drink stamp will be issued. This would allow us to operate without having to take up physical bottle space in a prime Roppongi location. Also, if the bottle holder issues a QR, he or she can buy a drink for a junior colleague even if he or she is not present. Furthermore, using the Beacon function, it is possible to take advantage of the location near the Roppongi intersection to force a “LINE friend” to give a “coupon” when he or she happens to pass by.
Bringing real places (offline) online is too much fun. These real businesses will be a great testing ground for implementing the DX-ization of society that I usually emphasize.
This morning, I had a real meeting with Masaya Nakayama, President of Out & About Inc. (AAA), who has always been a great help in building our group’s website, to clear my head. Thank you!
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