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In Memory of Machiko Tanioka

Machiko Tanioka passed away.
Last year, he had stage 3 lung cancer.
I met Machiko for the first time in 2005 through Masaru Uchida (1935 – 2008). Mr. Uchida once discovered Yasuji Tanioka (1942 -1999) when he was editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Magazine.
Dasai” is a word that is still used today, but it is a buzzword that originated from a Tanioka manga called “Dame no Vegetable,” and he is one of the most famous manga artists of the 20th century who created his own unique world with lines full of his unique sense of language, such as “asshat” and “nosebleed boo.
Machiko was an actress who appeared in “Spectrum Man” and other films. She married Yasuji after a fierce love affair.
He adored his only daughter, Maya (Machiko + Yasuji).
After her husband’s death, she was managing copyrights, something she was not accustomed to doing. It seems like only yesterday that I was dining with my daughter Maya, who lives in the U.S., Masaru Uchida, and editor Shu Takamatsu (1965-2015).
We worked together for more than 10 years since then, and for the past few years, we kept in touch several times a year by phone from Hyogo Prefecture, where we had moved, saying, “I’ll send you some rice. Just last summer, he called me with a depressed look on his face and said, “I have cancer in my lungs,” and I immediately referred him to the best hospital in Tokyo. I referred him to the best hospital in Tokyo. “After being hospitalized, I feel like I’m getting better and better,” he said cheerfully, trying not to worry me, but I was not able to visit him in Corona.
In 2010, he and artist Wataru Komachi produced the Yasuji Tanioka exhibition “Ather! LET’S DO IT AGAIN.” was produced, leaving a significant impact on the contemporary creative industry. The exhibition included “Nosebleed Boozing Astro Boy” drawn by Yasuji Tanioka, as well as raw manuscripts that have not been published in book form.
When this exhibition was realized and became a great success, I was very happy to receive praise from Machiko, who said, “I think Yasuji Tanioka and Masaru Uchida are applauding Mr. Fukuda from heaven.
I think the three of us are in heaven right now, laughing and drinking together.
Shu Takamatsu. I’m looking forward to having you as my secretary in heaven.